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What is is a project created by a group of photo-stockers. The goal of the project is to create some kind of Stockers community, where everyone can safely express their thoughts, share their ideas and experiences. We are not only professional photographers designers, artists. There are also a lot of beginners among us who are just starting their photo stocker's journey. In other words, here everyone will find something new and informative for themselves, as well as be able to keep a hand on the photo-stock pulse :)

The portal resource is divided into two main parts: Public and Private. The public part is accessible to everyone and contains general cognitive information. There is such pages like keywording tool, chat rooms, questionnaires (polls), news sections. Over time, new and new sections will appear. Development is ongoing. Private part is available after registering on the portal. Registration is by invitation only. This is made to avoid disclosure of competitive information and maintaining local and more friendly communication. With this approach, everyone knows each other more or less well. Communication is more sincere and effective. The purpose of this group is to jointly monitor the stock market, share information, give and receive advices. Anyone can get into this group! The main criterion for getting into this group is the stock activity and decency of a person. Instructions can be found in the registration section. Private resources also provide an opportunity to monitor your sales in one or all stocks together (statistics, graphs, analytics), open access to a private chat, provide an opportunity to participate in various competitions, helps to structure all your knowledge about stocks, etc. At the moment, the Private resource contains more than 30 sections, as well as constantly evolving and growing.

If you have any questions, wishes or comments about the portal, you can always contact us through the email:

If you are an active stocker and want to join us, then write to the e-mail or enter the chat group: / FHsjDRc88QnkKNmP5VLnxQ